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Geospatial science

Over 10 years of experience creating, collecting, and managing spatial data with remote sensing and GIS software packages

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Web mapping

Designing and developing web applications for visualizing, managing, and distributing spatial data and cartographic products

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Training and documentation

Leading technical trainings and producing easy-to-use documentation for geospatial analysis and web apps

Geospatial science

  • Cartographic product design
  • Rule-based image classification for land cover analysis
  • LIDAR data processing, especially for hydrologic models
  • Python scripting for automating tedious tasks, typically with arcpy and Pandas
  • ArcGIS 10.x, ENVI, QGIS, Whitebox GAT, GDAL/OGR


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Things I can do

Product management

GIS & remote sensing analysis

Node, Redux/React, Python, R

Requirements gathering and scoping

Technical writing, presentation, and training

Adobe Creative Suite